It is predicted as per according to that during the 2015-2021, the university ERP sector market growth rate will be around 7.2%. The overall market share was more than 82 million dollars as per for the global ERP segment.

Thus ERP market has its own scope and growth possibilities. Thus it is proven that ERP software is that part of management information process which helps an organization to monitor all kind of operational activities. Well, well, well ! The motive of this post is not telling the scope of ERP but to know the various questions that will be there in the mindsets of people who want to pursue for the ERP vendors for their organizations.

There are  the FAQ series -

Is ERP for everyone ? -

It is necessary to analyze the  culture, values, working processes of the organization for administrators before implementing the ERP software. So if the business processes of the organization is not well defined or managed it will be not benefittable to implement the ERP software.   

Is ERP for inflexible ?

ERP is designed while considering the basic needs of the organization work culture and best practices. If the work culture is not flexible as per according to the ERP software, then it is advised to the organizations to adapt the best practices to the way ERP processes them. Sometimes in SAP alike software, the open source project facilities are provided so that the owner can have the basic access to the source code to the software and it can make changes according to the needs.

What should be the ideals of a ERP software ?

  1. A real time data handling system

  2. A common database which handles all kind of applications

  3. A consistent look and easy user interface of every user-module

Is the ERP system expensive ? -

No, not really ! The ERP software costs as per according to the needs of your organization. If you don’t need the extra modules then you don’t have to worry for the cost of those modules. Addition to this, implementing ERP system licensing cost will be there to pay at the implementation time. Addition to this only employing the excel spreadsheets for data collection will be sometimes more costly for you instead of applying the ERP software.

Is ERP only for the bigger organizations and companies, not for the smaller one ?

Absolutely no ! Gone are the days when in initial the ERP systems were for the big companies. But in today’s era the ERP software is for all. Today the ERP systems are designed as per according to the current organization needs and policies which can be helpful for both the small and big companies. The number of modules are totally dependent on the type of organization. They can easily be added or removed as well.

Is the proper vendor choice required ?

Yes, it is requires. The vendor should provide all the essential information to the buyer about upgrades, customer support facilities, training sessions and all other details.

That’s all ! Thanks for reading the post! I hope that this post will be helpful for you from every point of view.

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